Summer Camps

Summer Camp
Horse Care and Activities
Horse Shoe Art & Other Crafts
Learning About Different Farm Animals

Overlake Farm is excited to share the joy of caring for our horses and other farm animals this summer through fun games, activities, and hands on demos!


Our Farm Camps are a fantastic option for kiddos 5-12 years old and serve as the perfect introduction to horses and horsemanship for kids to prepare them for riding. Kids will learn about brushing, feeding, leading, and tacking up our horses to give them a great head start.


Even if your child isn’t horse crazy, we have plenty of other fun activities: hay mazes, obstacle courses, collecting eggs, and arts & crafts to name a few!


Cuddling with Overlake Chickens
Homegrown Chicken Eggs
Kid Friendly Archery

Farm Camp 2023 Activities:




Horse Lunging Demo

Farrier Demo & Horse Shoe Art

Equine Nutrition

Equine Behavior & Psychology

Horse Tack

Equine Massage



Hay Mazes

Obstacle Courses


Equine Anatomy

Stall Cleaning Demo

Chicken Husbandry