As the oldest horse farm in Bellevue, Overlake Farm provides exceptional horse-centered services including horse boarding, riding lessons, and more, on a picture-perfect 50 acres in the heart of Bellevue. Overlake Farm was established nearly 80 years ago before there was even a bridge across Lake Washington. Located on Bridle Trails Equestrian Park, Overlake Farm has access to 480 acres of beautiful horse trails and riding arenas. The farm is conveniently located minutes from Seattle, Kirkland, and Redmond, allowing you more time in the saddle.

Your horse’s health is our primary concern. Although we offer horse boarding stalls, we also believe your horse should be outside all day, as nature intended. Horses are healthiest when they are allowed to move around, graze green grass, enjoy the sun on their backs, and socialize with other horses. If a horse is physically and emotionally happy, they are more responsive to you!